How to get Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds may look cute, but finding them is a nightmare. In fact, it’s quite possible to work your way through the first continent without ever noticing one of these tiny green pears. And if you do happen to stumble upon one, it’s quite the challenge to figure out what to do with it.

Luckily, your troubles are over. Here’s everything you need to know about this Lost Ark collectible, from Mokoko Seed rewards to every Mokoko Seed location in Rethramis.

How to find Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

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Despite the name, Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds look more like fruit. Big green pears, to be exact. Unfortunately, they’re very difficult to spot. You don’t get a notification unless you’re standing right next to the Seed, so keep your eyes open while traveling. Once they’ve been collected, the Seeds give off a green aura. 

Picking them up is easy: just stand next to the Seed and hold the interaction button (default key ‘G’). Since there are 1209 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, you’ll be doing this quite often. If you want to see how many Mokoko Seeds you’ve collected so far, go to your ‘Adventure’ tab (lower right corner of the screen) and click ‘collectibles’. Hover over the map to see your progress per region.

Finally, you may have noticed the little pear icons on the map. Every time you pick up a Mokoko Seed, this icon will appear. It’s not there to help you find a new Seed, but to show you which ones you’ve already found. Compare your own map to the Rethramis and Yudia Seed location map below to see which ones you’re missing.

Where to trade Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

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To exchange Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds for special items, speak to the NPC called Totoma in Mokoko Village, the southwestern part of Tortoyk. This is the small island just northeast of Rethramis (see picture). By the time you reach this island, you probably have enough Seeds for the first reward.

As you can see on the rewards list below, you only need 1000 Seeds to obtain the highest reward. If you find every Seed on the Rethramis and Yudia location map, you’ll have enough for the Totoma Card.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds rewards

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

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  • 50 Mokoko Seeds: Totoma Card
  • 100 Mokoko Seeds: Kindness Potion
  • 150 Mokoko Seeds: Stronghold Crew Application Form – Chicachica
  • 200 Mokoko Seeds: Vitality Increase Potion
  • 250 Mokoko Seeds: Crew Application Form – Cororico
  • 300 Mokoko Seeds: Stat Increase Potion
  • 350 Mokoko Seeds: Mokamoka Card
  • 400 Mokoko Seeds: Paradise’s Knight License
  • 450 Mokoko Seeds: Eurus Blueprint x15
  • 500 Mokoko Seeds: Stronghold Crew Application Form – Mukomuko
  • 550 Mokoko Seeds: Shy Wind Flower Pollen x3
  • 600 Mokoko Seeds: 20 Eurus Blueprint x20
  • 650 Mokoko Seeds: Crew Application Form: Poipoi
  • 700 Mokoko Seeds: Title: Mokoko Hunter
  • 750 Mokoko Seeds: Structure – Mokoko Seed Monument
  • 800 Mokoko Seeds: Transform – Egg of Creation
  • 850 Mokoko Seeds: Stronghold Crew Application Form – Kind Paruru
  • 900 Mokoko Seeds: Wallpaper – Mokoko Village
  • 950 Mokoko Seeds: Masterpiece #32
  • 1000 Mokoko Seeds: Ship skin – Blooming Eurus

Every Lost Ark Mokoko Seed location in Rethramis and Yudia

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

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Most of these Mokoko Seeds are easy to find once you’re near the red dots on the map. They’re usually close to a path. However, there are two hidden areas that are quite tricky to find: one of them is in the northwestern corner of Prideholme, and the other one is west of Rethramis Border. 

To find the ones in Prideholme, enter the cathedral and walk through the wall left of priest Varut (green dot on the map). To find the Mokoko Seeds in Rethramis Border, go to the southwestern corner of the graveyard and then climb the ladder. The first two Seeds are in the northernmost part of the area, and the other one is just a little further south, left side of the map

Every Lost Ark Mokoko Seed location in the Rethramis and Yudia dungeons

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

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Yes, they’re found in the dungeons as well. Here’s every Mokoko Seed location in the five dungeons accessible through Rethramis or Yudia. Finding these will add another 38 Mokoko Seeds to your total. Mind the secret passages again (green dots).

Good luck on the Mokoko Seed hunt!

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