WandaVision gets the lowest age rating of any MCU entry so far

The age rating for WandaVision has been revealed. The kickoff to Marvel Phase 4 will be the first MCU chapter to be officially more suitable for younger children.

That’s because WandaVision has been rated TV-PG (H/T ComicBook.com (opens in new tab)). By comparison, all of the MCU movies up to this point have been rated PG-13. Though it’s a different rating scale, PG-13 offerings strongly caution parents of younger children and is, roughly speaking, equivalent to the TV-14 rating. TV-PG, meanwhile, only suggests parental guidance for some scenes.

Seemingly, WandaVision will be a less intense, action-heavy slice of Marvel. That’s reflected in what we’ve seen so far, including sitcom-heavy tropes in the first WandaVision trailer, with even a WandaVision clip being chaste enough to give Wanda and Vision twin beds.

In the UK, WandaVision comes bundled with a 12+ rating – the same as every single Marvel movie, indicating that while the tone may differ, it’s still unlikely to be a completely ‘softer’ take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Either way, it’s likely to break new ground. Speaking to sister publication Total Film ahead of its new issue (which is out today), Paul Bettany – who plays Vision – said, “I think it will make everybody look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a whole new way. Marvel has always taken big swings… But we’re a really big swing. There are more VFX shots in WandaVision than we had in Endgame. That’s a big ask.”

WandaVision will premiere on Disney Plus on January 15. In the meantime, catch up on the MCU with our guide on how to watch Marvel movies in order.

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