Valve reveals it has multiple “exciting” games in development at the moment

Valve has revealed it has “multiple games” in development right now, not only that they are apparently “pretty exciting ones” too. 

In an interview with Axios (opens in new tab), Valve designer Greg Coomer discussed the Steam Deck and also revealed: “There are multiple games in development right now at Valve, and I think they’re pretty exciting ones.”

This might not be too much of a surprise for some as Valve president Gabe Newell revealed at the start of last year that Valve has “games in development that we’re going to be announcing.” There’s not been any official reveals of what Valve is working on yet however as Coomer explained, there’s clearly more than one game in the works. 

The Portal developer just released a game specifically designed to showcase the Steam Deck’s features called Aperture Desk Job which – although very similar in theme and set within the same universe – Valve has said “is not Portal 3.” 

Elsewhere in the Axios interview, Coomer said that Valve wants there to be future versions of the Steam Deck but hasn’t “nailed down how that will work” yet. According to the designer, the company is weighing a rolling update model with “monolithic updates”; however, Coomer also added that “we don’t have a completely ironed-out plan for the cadence of the hardware updates.”

In other Steam Deck news, yesterday Valve UX designer Lawrence Yang revealed that Steam Deck production will be in the “hundreds of thousands” by next month, meaning those stuck with a Q2 release window might not have to wait as long as originally anticipated. In an interview with IGN, Yang explained that Valve expects production to ramp up with each month the Steam Deck is shipped out. 

Want to know more about the Valve handheld? Take a look at Valve on Steam Deck: “We see this as a multi-generational category for us.”

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