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Half-Life 2 Remaster appears on SteamDB

A Half-Life: 2 remaster is apparently coming from a group of fans with Valve’s blessing. Just below, you can see a tweet from self-professed Valve insider Tyler McVicker on the new project. McVicker claims that Half-Life 2, and subsequent episodes, are being remastered by a team of fans, who have …

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Top 7… things you probably didnt know about Half-Life 2

A life lived in ignorance is a life half-lived On Sunday, November 16th 2014, Half-Life 2 turned 10 years old. Crazy, right? And even after a decade, the influence of Valve’s most monumental sequel can still be felt in the current gaming ecosystem. The Half-Life name is just as potent …

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The Top 7… Things in games that will never be realistic

Look at games! The sky. The trees. The grass. The water. All of these things look real. And games will continue to get more real-looking as technology throws us ever closer to a promised land of perfect visual fidelity. Just this week, for example, Rockstar’s LA Noire will introduce character …

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