Valheim player builds bridge over the end of the world

A Valheim player has built a bridge to the end of the world, letting you marvel at the point where the 10th realm’s horizon ends.

Reddit user Thommynocker posted the  video to the Valheim subreddit, where it quickly got picked up by players drawn in by the picturesque view of an otherwise very inaccessible part of the world. You can tell just by zooming the map out far enough in Valheim that the world, though vast, doesn’t go on forever. Seasoned Viking sailors can tell you that it’s a giant, flat disc ringed by waterfalls that tumble down into oblivion – and that if you don’t take care the currents will quickly pull you down with them.

The Bridge at the End of the World from r/valheim

But hey, you don’t need to worry about currents when you’re sitting pretty on a nice and sturdy bridge reinforced with wood iron beams. The bridge is so long that it takes nearly a minute for Thommynocker to run from the start to where it ends, hanging over the waterfall – which makes me suspect they may have used that Valheim underwater building trick to build a series of vertical supports hidden by the waves. However it was made, the end result allows for a truly one-of-a-kind view.

And yes, they did try jumping off afterward, after already being killed six times (opens in new tab) in the making of the bridge.

It may not be quite as grand, but a Valheim sundial is a practical addition you could make to your own base no matter where it is. Or if you want to go in the opposite direction, you could construct a giant Valheim pachinko board and while away the hours watching dragon eggs plink back and forth.

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