Uncharted director Amy Hennig teams up with Skydance Media to form new studio

Amy Hennig is the famed writer and director responsible for the first three Uncharted games, and today Skydance Media announced a new division helmed by the industry veteran. Hennig’s work stretches all the way back to a credit as an artist on Electrocop for the Atari Lynx.

Skydance Media is a production company with credits including Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, 2017’s Baywatch, and Terminator: Dark Fate. In 2016, the Skydance Interactive division was opened to focus on developing video games, specifically for the VR market. To date, the studio has released a 2017 VR game titled Archangel and a 2018 shooter called PWND.

The new division within Skydance Media has yet to be named, but we know Hennig will head up the studio alongside veteran EA producer Julian Beak as Executive Vice President. The press release says the young studio will focus on developing experiences for “gamers and non-gamers alike on emerging streaming platforms.” It isn’t clear yet what platforms the studio will develop for, but the Google Stadia (opens in new tab) streaming service is a safe-enough guess.

As for what types of games we can expect from the new Skydance Media division, Hennig and Beak plan on developing “new story-focused experiences – crafted as an interactive series – [that] will employ state-of-the-art computer graphics to provide the visual fidelity of television and film, but with an active, lean-in experience that puts the audience in the driver’s seat.”

Two well-respected industry veterans at the helm of an ambitious young studio certainly holds promise, and we’re excited to see what comes out of Skydance Media in the future.

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