First trailer for Michael Bays Pain & Gain: watch online now

The first trailer has arrived for Michael Bay’s musclebound saga Pain %26 Gain and it looks to be a promising blend of chaotic action and meatheaded humour.

The film follows a trio of personal trainers (Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie) as they look to escape “going to work in sweatpants for the next forty years” by ripping off a wealthy client.

Unfortunately for them, their mark isn’t about to take this lying down, and our heroes aren’t exactly master criminals. Soon enough, things begin to fall apart in spectacular style.

Take a look, below:

The action looks as kinetic and supercharged as you’d expect from Michael Bay, but the real surprise here is the humour, with Wahlberg and Johnson looking to make an excellent comic pairing. “I cannot kill!” particularly tickled us.

Co-starring Ed Harris, Tony Shalhoub and Rebel Wilson, Pain %26 Gain will open in the UK on 3 May 2013. Time to bulk up!

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