Two Point Campus leaks ahead of official announcement

A spin-off of Two Point Hospital appears to be near as a Two Point Campus listing seems to have outed the game’s existence.

The Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) (via VG247 (opens in new tab)) has let the cat out of the bag about the off-shoot game from Two Point Studios. The listing has now been taken down, but not before details of the game were discovered.

Art from the game was pulled from the listing, which shows classrooms, music stages, and a basketball court. There’s also a kitchen cooking an oversized pizza, as well as a jousting arena, which seems like it would be a nightmare to approve on a college campus.

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus (Image credit: Two Point Studios)

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus (Image credit: Two Point Studios)

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus (Image credit: Two Point Studios)

Unsurprisingly, this new game would turn in its medical licence from Two Point Hospital and go back to college. The management simulator will see players take over the campus and help the operational environment. Players will be tasked with running successful education centers where they will try to teach the world’s brightest students.

There was no release date shared as part of the listing, but it did specify that the game would be coming to PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. More platforms may be coming, but for more information on that front we’ll have to wait for an official announcement – it’s worth noting that Two Point Hospital did eventually come to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but only after more than a year had passed since the game’s original release. 

In Two Point Hospital, which launched in 2018 as a spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital, players are entrusted with the operations of a hospital, covering everything from patient management to finances and upgrades. While the management formula has been applied elsewhere – most successfully to theme parks – a take on education is a new direction.

More details will likely be shared when the game is officially announced, though it is not immediately clear when that will be. However, with a listing including assets and details around the game already on show, it does feel immanent.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition, which included the base game as well as various other DLC packs, released in March of this year. However, it looks like the team is ready to move on from its debut title now and explore this new field of education.

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