Forza Street boosts onto iOS and Android a year after its Windows 10 debut

Forza Street is out now for free on iOS and Android devices, just over a year after it first debuted on Windows 10.

As an extra bonus for getting started early, fans who play Forza Street from May 5 to June 5 will get a special Founder’s Pack as a free bonus: the pack includes a 2017 Ford GT, credits, and gold that you can spend to unlock even more cars.

Forza Street is the first Forza game designed specifically for mobile devices, and it makes some changes to the series’ formula to support on-the-go play. The biggest difference is that your car automatically steers through courses for you, leaving you to focus on when to brake, accelerate, and use your boost. Effectively cornering will build your boost meter faster, letting you build speed on straightaways to put even more space between you and your opponent.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you’ll get some extra goodies by downloading through the Galaxy Store instead of Google Play: a 2015 Mustang GT, a 2015 C7 Corvette Z06, and more game credit and gold are all up for grabs, depending on your device.

That should help make the wait for an official Forza Motorsport 8 announcement a little easier to stomach. The game was playable late last year (opens in new tab), and developer Turn 10 Studios teased at the time that the studio would have more to share sometime in 2020.

Find even more cars to collect and streets to burn rubber upon in our guide to the best racing games (opens in new tab).

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