Tribes: Ascend interview with Todd Harris

Developer Hi-Rez Studios may be new to the series, but Tribes: Ascend is a Tribes game through-and-through: a solid core of class-based team tactics coated in breakneck speed and precision aerial combat. We have a lot to say about the closed beta (opens in new tab) (we’re loving the hell out of it), but for an inside look at the game’s development, PC Gamer’s Evan Lahti visited Hi-Rez for an interview with Executive Producer Todd Harris. Watch the introduction above, and select questions and topics in the videos below:

How have you approached the series’ focus on high-speed movement?

What were your goals when designing maps for Tribes: Ascend?

Why use a free-to-play business model?

Tribes is all about CTF. What makes the mode so great, and what’s new in Tribes: Ascend?

What weapons and vehicles have been preserved? What’s new?

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