This Devil May Cry 5 43-inch statue of Dante costs $4300

Capcom is releasing a new 43-inch “half-scale” statue of Devil May Cry 5’s Dante for $4,299.

Boasting both his Ebony & Ivory pistol set as well as sword Rebellion, the Black Label statue – an upgrade on the prior, slightly less expensive one given it features an alternate head so you can either use the Polystone or Silicone one, depending upon your fancy – also includes a leather replica of his iconic coat.

Accepting pre-orders now, the new statue – which is being made by Prime 1 (opens in new tab) as part of Capcom’s celebration of Devil May Cry’s 20th anniversary – is expected to ship sometime between November 2022 and February 2023, and while you don’t need to pay the full $4,299 price just yet, you’ll need to put down 10 per cent now and pay off the rest at the time of shipping.

Sadly, no, shipping and import tax are not factored into the base price and at 30kg, it’s likely to cost a lot more. Here, take a look: 

祝!デビルメイクライシリーズ20周年!!伝説のデビルハンターが、まさに実在レベルのクオリティで立体化!1/2 Scale DMC5 ダンテが受注開始!究極のコレクターアイテムが登場です。受注はコチラ: 23, 2021

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“Prime 1 Studio’s tailors have been able to painstakingly recreate Dante’s long coat in exacting detail due to this statue’s immense scale. Inspect each and every stitch, and you won’t be disappointed,” the creator says on the official website (thanks, Siliconera (opens in new tab)). “Marvel at the threadbare qualities of his Henley shirt, created to call back to his signature look from the game. We’ve employed real, metal hardware in his clothes: from the rivets on his shoulders to the zippers on his sleeves. Even his finely-tailored pants have a belt with a gleaming buckle and functional riveting.

“Not to be outdone by the fine craftsmanship of the clothing, Dante’s paints have taken advantage of his grand scale as well. We’ve been able to tone his skin to a lifelike degree like never before, rendering his face and arms as realistically as we could to match the realism of his clothes. And by painting his weapons with a realistic quality, we’ve made sure to bring out the visual weight of not only Rebellion, but also of Ebony and Ivory.”

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