Wild, questionable rumour suggests Batman: Arkham Crisis could be WB Montreals open world DC game

The Batman rumour mill continues to chug on at full speed, as the internet churns out fresh details about what’s next for the Dark Knight in video games, regardless of whether there’s any factual accuracy behind them. 

The latest gossip (opens in new tab) comes (supposedly) via a QA tester for WB Montreal sounding off in a Discord server, as first reported by the Arkham focused YouTube channel The Flix Fix (opens in new tab). This playtester claims – among several other things – that WB Montreal’s upcoming Batman game is called Batman: Arkham Crisis, centres around the superhero’s Court of Owls comic arc, will release in the Fall of this year, features an open world map almost twice the size of GTA 5 (opens in new tab)‘s Los Santos, and includes co-op multiplayer functionality. 

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Batman: Arkham studio finally confirms one thing about its next game: “It’s not Superman” (opens in new tab)

Suffice to say, this all sounds very suspicious, but we do know – thanks to LinkedIn – that WB Montreal is working on at least one open world game based on the DC Comics license (opens in new tab), which could very well be the AAA “UE4 [Unreal Engine 4] based open world game (opens in new tab)” that another developer from the studio mentions in his job description. Are this and Batman: Arkham Crisis one and the same thing? 

There’s no way of verifying any of it right now, but the rumour (which, I stress, has little substantiation in any observable evidence) states that Warner Bros apparently plans to announce its next Batman game in March 2019, just one month away. That timeline means we’ll know whether this rumour has any validity to it soon enough, especially as a 3D Animator for WB Montreal referred to this same in-the-works game as “Project 2019 (opens in new tab)” last year. 

We’ve reached out to Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment for comment on this latest development, and will update this story if we hear anything more, though don’t keep your hopes up. The publisher has stayed mum about its Batman plans ever since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight (opens in new tab), though another WB Montreal developer recently teased a Court of Owls game in a tweet last year (opens in new tab). If only the world’s greatest detective were here to help us figure it all out… 

With or without Batman, here’s all the big new games of 2019 (opens in new tab) that we know about so far.

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