The Walking Dead: 400 Days walkthrough and guide

Tough Decisions

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is not just a continuation of the plot of The Waking Dead Season 1. It actually bridges the gap between the first series and the sequel episodes releasing this fall. 400 Days introduces several new characters and gives you the chance to experience every one in whatever order you choose.

We chose a certain order for this guide, but aside from the epilogue – which unlocks after completing all previous chapters – you can decide for yourself. And speaking of decisions, this guide is going to show you just what to do to experience the best case scenario during the epilogue. Let’s get started!

Carried Choices

Many of you are wondering just what choices made in the original game carry over. We don’t want to spoil how those choices affect 400 Days, but we will tell you that none of them affect further choices here; they are mostly mentioned in dialogue or seen while exploring. That may be disappointing to some, and in that case, we’d tell you to look ahead at how 400 Days is going to affect Season 2. There are some clear choices here that are definitely showing up in the new season.

Note: For those who did not complete Season 1 but still wish to experience 400 Days, you may begin the game with pre-determined story decisions from Season 1. Again, this only adds special nods and does not dramatically alter the game.

Vince: Shoot Justin or Danny’s Cuff

At the end of Vince’s chapter, you can choose to shoot the cuff off of either Justin or Danny’s ankle. Whomever you choose will not survive the ordeal, leaving you to escape with the other.

For the best scenario during the epilogue, shoot Danny’s cuff to leave with Justin. If Vince leaves with Danny, he’ll teach Vince not to trust anyone, leaving him less likely to join Tavia later.

Wyatt: Leave the Car or Stay Inside

After hitting the person in the road, either Wyatt or Eddie has to go check the body. Eddie’s suggestion is to play rock-paper-scissors to determine who leaves the car.

For the best case scenario, refuse to play. This way, Eddie will leave the car, and the chapter will end with Wyatt fleeing from your previous pursuers alone. This makes him more apt to join Tavia later.

Note: If you choose to play, but win the game of rock-paper-scissors, this same scenario will occur.

Shel: Grab the Keys and Flee, or Kill Stephanie

Shel’s final decision is the climax of the chapter. She can either select the gun to kill Stephanie or select her keys to flee in the RV.

For the best case scenario, choose the keys. This makes Shel more likely to trust Tavia during the epilogue.

Russell: Stay with Nate or Leave Him

Russell’s biggest decision comes in a standard dialogue choice, so be careful not to miss it. At the climax of the chapter, Nate will ask Russell if they should kill the couple and take their stuff.

Choose the option “I’m done. Goodbye” or “Are you fucking serious?!” to leave Nate. The other two choices will result in Russell staying. Leaving makes him more apt to join Tavia.

Bonnie: Lie to Leland or Tell Him the Truth

Bonnie has one large decision to make, but it appears as a standard dialogue choice. At the chapter’s climax, you can choose to lie to Leland several times about Dee’s death or tell him the truth.

For the best case scenario, tell Leland the truth the whole time. Doing so will make Bonnie trust Tavia almost instantaneously during the epilogue.

Tavia (Epilogue): Convince the Group to Join You

Tavia’s chapter tasks you with one goal: recruiting the characters from the previous chapters to join you. Based on the choices previously mentioned, they will find you much more trustworthy if you followed this guide.

However, if you chose differently, it is still possible to win some characters to your side. During the conversation, choose these options:

“I followed the smoke.”

“What would you have me do to convince you?”

“You outnumber me.”

“You might find people you know.”

“I give you my word.”

Note: Russell is hesitant during the epilogue, regardless of choices. In his case, the phrase “You might find people you know” will bring him to your side, provided you left Nate.

The Right Choice?

Whatever you chose to do in The Walking Dead: 400 Days, your decisions will come back to bless or haunt you. When Season 2 drops, you can expect definite repercussions for what you decided. Until then, why not check out our The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review and remember: you won’t quite have to wait 400 days to experience The Walking Dead: Season 2.

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