The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic-Con footage breakdown


The first seven minutes of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was presented to Hall H and its hoards of baying fans on the first full day of Comic-Con .

Before the screening a Comic-Con HR rep stood up to express condolences after the sad news that has rather tainted the Con for many Twi-hards – the death of attendee and fan Gisela Gagliardi who was killed in a traffic accident close to the convention centre on Tuesday.

The full Twilight cast were in attendence to introduce the footage and field questions after it was screened.

For those hankering for Twi -tit bits here’s a detailed and fully spoilerific break down of what we saw:

We begin at the point Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 finished – with Bella opening her eyes to reveal the ruby red irises of a vampire.

We see shots around the room, the walls, the carpet in extreme close-up – Bella’s senses are greatly heightened.

Edward appears at the door, Bella goes to him – we see a close-up of her massive wedding ring. They touch hands, arms, softly, tenderly, his hand reaches up to her face and cups her chin.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispers.

She sees herself in a full-length mirror, she’s wearing a blue dress, colours are saturated, she smiles, she is indeed beautiful.

She holds Edward close and – bang! Gives him a super-strength squeeze.

“It’s your turn not to break me!” he says.

Now we see how powerful vamp-Bella has become. Scenes of her running through forests, lush close-ups of flowers blooming, K-Stew actually smiling as she races with Edward through the trees.

They jump from waterfalls, she flies, she exercises her now super-acute sense of hearing to listen to the creatures of the forest.

Bella now wants to eat the creatures of the forest.

She stalks a deer foraging in the undergrowth until she smells the blood of a climber.

She runs off barefoot, climbs up a sheer mountainside while Edward calls after her, and manages to overcome her murderous urges.

Off the precipice, she senses a mountain lion stalking the aforementioned deer. The lions pounces. So does Bella.

Bella eats the lion.

Finally Bella sees Jacob for the first time since the transformation. It’s an affectionate and accepting reunion.

She smells him.

“You really do stink!” She says. But now she wants to see Renesmee.


Cut. We don’t actually get to see her offspring.

A second scene from later on in the film was also shown – a moment where the Cullens are helping Bella appear more human before her first meeting with Charlie.

We see her putting in dark contacts, re-learning how to blink, and to move her shoulders as if she’s breathing, and slamming a chair against a wall while trying to sit down normally.

Twilight is what it is, but overall impressions are that fans should be happy: looks like there’ll be plenty of humour, lush-looking scenery and Bella actually having some fun.

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