Drew Goddard re-writing World War Z

World War Z , Marc Forster’s adaptation of the popular zombie novel by Max Brooks, has suffered a development wobble of late, with the film’s release date being pushed back in order to allow for significant reshoots.

Paramount were thought to have concerns over major deficiencies in the story, with Prometheus scribe Damon Lindelof hired to rewrite the film’s ending. Now it turns out that Lindelof only came up with the idea for the new conclusion, with The Cabin In The Woods ‘ Drew Goddard charged with doing the actual writing.

A previous screenwriter for Lost (alongside Lindelof) and having also written the script for Cloverfield , Goddard certainly has sci-fi pedigree, although whether or not his busy schedule will allow him to perform a full re-write remains to be seen.

The finished film will star Brad Pitt as a UN employee facing a desperate race against time as he attempts to stop a zombie pandemic from sweeping across the globe. Pitt will be joined by Matthew Fox, David Morse and James Badge Dale, as well as a whole host of shambling, brain-munching types.

The latest release date for the film is 21 June 2013, although we’d only pencil that one in for now, as further delays could arise from any further script issues. Let’s just hope Goddard has the time available to give this one the finale it deserves.

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