The Last of Us Part 1 gameplay will debut in the coming months

The Last of Us Part 1 gameplay will debut over the coming months before launch.

Just yesterday on July 11, Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us Part 1 had gone gold, cementing it for launch later this year in September. In the follow-up tweet below, the studio also revealed they’d have more granular details of the remake to share in the coming weeks and months before launch, including brand new gameplay.

We’re looking forward to showing you more of the amazing visuals, tech, and gameplay the team has worked on in the next couple of months up to launch. Stay tuned! 12, 2022

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This gives us the opportunity to see the ambitious remake in action for the very first time. If you’re unfamiliar, Naughty Dog has basically redesigned the combat of The Last of Us Part 1 to bring it more in line with what players experienced two years ago in The Last of Us Part 2. As such, the new remake is going to feel very different to play compared to the 2013 original. 

Outside of showing off new gameplay though, we’ll get the chance to see more of the brilliant new visuals for the remake, which fans couldn’t stop praising earlier this year when the remake was originally revealed in June. Finally, Naughty Dog promise to show more “tech” surrounding the remake, so expect a deep dive into an aspect of the game like sound design or performance capture. 

Yesterday, alongside the announcement of the new remake going gold, a Naughty Dog artist stepped forward to reveal no crunch was involved in The Last of Us Part 1. This was apparently the first time in their 13-year career they hadn’t crunched on a game, and considering numerous reports of crunch culture at Naughty Dog have hit the air over the past few years (like this report from Kotaku (opens in new tab), for example), it’s an encouraging sign from the studio. 

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