The Creative Assembly working on new Total War title

“We never stop, so yes,” said Simpson when asked by Eurogamer if The Creative Assembly had plans for another Total War game.

Studio director Tim Heaton also confirmed the impending release, saying a Total War sequel has been in the works ever since Total War: Shogun 2 shipped back in March. Asked if the next chapter would take place before or after Shogun 2, both Heaton and Simpson replied: “Yes.” Thanks guys, that really clears things up.

AlthoughSimpsonwas lessthan helpful with sequel details,he didspeak tothedeveloper’sstrategy for the franchise going forward. Specifically, when asked if The Creative Assembly’s willingess to make sequels for Total War’s Medieval and Shogun brands meant fans preferred playing with less technically savvy armies, Simpson noted, “We’ve actually done work with our hardcore fanbase looking at different eras and which ones they prefer, and it’s really flat. As in, it’s really quite evenly split across more or less every proposition we put in front of them.”

Speaking to which era sells more, Simpsonnoted the team is stilldebating what time period is more appealing to wide audiences, adding, “My personal view is that there’s a trade-off. The more mass media your period then the easier it is to get people into it. But the less really interesting stuff, the more obscure you go, then the harder it is to get people interested. But once you’re in there, there’s all sorts of stuff no one has heard of before….There’s a balance between those two.”

Guys with swords or guys with spears? Where would you like the next Total War game to go?

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May 17, 2011

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