The Boys season 2 theory suggests who was behind this week’s mind-blowing cliffhanger

The Boys season 2 set up its final chapter this week with a scene that wouldn’t have looked out of place alongside Game of Thrones and the Red Wedding. Sure, it was a lot more explosive, and far more brain matter was smeared over the walls than Walder Frey’s betrayal, but the culprit is far less clear-cut. Of course, social media and messageboards have been lit up trying to identify who was responsible – and we might already have an answer.

Spoilers for The Boys season 2, episode 7 follow…

So, a quick recap: During the hearing against Vought, ex-scientist Jonah Vogelbaum was set to provide testimony. Unfortunately, as many of us do when speaking in public, he lost his head. Unlike many of us do when speaking in public, it was quite literal. He, along with several other people (including the judge and A-Train replacement, Shockwave) had their heads popped like grapes.

Who was responsible? Many on Reddit (opens in new tab), including u/Mr_Rogers_II, believe the shadowy Church of the Collective – which currently counts Deep and a reluctant A-Train among its members – is involved somehow.

“Something tells me the Church of the Collective has something to do with the slaughter,” begins the theory. “The leader of the Church says he has a surefire way of getting them both back… and one of the people whose head explodes is Shockwave. Plus the church obviously has high up connections with Vought, I wouldn’t be surprised if the church was just a religious branch of it.”

A pretty convincing argument. The Church, after all, hasn’t showed its hand yet outside of handing out cans of Fresca. They apparently have enough brainwashing power, so brain-popping power wouldn’t be far out of their reach.

As for the other candidates, the escaped Sage Grove experiment Cindy is still running loose, though her telekinesis powers would need to have a considerable range seeing as how CIA Agent Raynor met the same fate far earlier in the season.

Then, there’s Kimiko. Her Supe ceiling hasn’t been seen yet and, if you go back and rewatch the courtroom scene, her expression while watching on TV is one of concentrated anger, not shock. Could she have been the one who caused all the heads to explode? Don’t discount Ryan, either…

We’ll find out for certain next week. In the meantime, here are the best shows on Amazon Prime and the best movies on Amazon Prime. No brain splats here. Promise.

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