The Best, Worst & Funniest Iron Man Cosplay

Muscle Controlled Bionic Armour

Before we crack on with the funny/weird/sexy/stupid cosplay costumes, let’s take a moment to appreciate the truly amazing work that’s gone into making these real life Iron Man suits.

Or parts of them.

Like this one by Advancer Technologies which shows you how to control (and even build) your own muscle-controlled Iron Man replica repulsor.

And if you’ve seen Iron Man 3 , why not watch our SPOILER-FILLED post-analysis below, and join in the debate. Warning though – it is SPOILER FILLED, so don’t watch until you’ve seen the movie.

Actual Working Laser Gauntlet

Sure, the strength’s weaker than the movie suit, but how cool is this snazzy fan-made gauntlet, with enough power to at least pop balloons at 50 paces.

MasterLe247’s Genius

Master Le is a name you’ll see throughout this gallery. And it’ll always be attached to incredible replicas.

Just check out this Mark VII suit.

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War Machine – ALIVE!

Master Le again, and this time with a War Machine costume that’s pretty bad-ass. Oh, and functional.

He’s made several incarnations, including the above which is a hybrid of Iron Man MK II, IV and the War Machine concept by Phil Sanders.

(Via here (opens in new tab) ).

Check out a War Machine armour in action below.

Iron Crocodile

While we’re not entirely convinced with the animal rights morality issues here, the YouTube responsible pleads that her pet enjoys it.

You decide.

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

Zombie Iron Man

Zombie fans and comic fans of the ‘Marvel Zombies’ universe will appreciate the effort put into this chomp-happy costume.

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Best. Costume. Ever.

Seriously, we have no idea how anyone could top this, short of building an actual working jetpack,.

And yep, it’s Master Le again.

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The World’s Cutest Iron Man Cosplay


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Turns out a steampunk Iron Man is exactly as awesome as you’d think.

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