Halo Infinite players revived by Season 2 reveal celebrate the end to the content drought

The Halo Infinite Season 2 (opens in new tab) reveal has resuscitated many lapsed and pessimistic players and given them a precious measure of hope to chew on. 

Season 2 won’t launch until May 3, but after the game’s months-long content drought, much of the Halo Infinite community has still reacted to the reveal as a desert wanderer would react to a bottle of water falling from the sky. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but even the famously critical Halo subreddit (opens in new tab) is awash with cautious optimism over the new maps and rewards. 

The new-season excitement started with the trailer, but a non-trivial chunk of hype has also come from some follow-up tweets (opens in new tab) from 343 Industries community manager Brian Jarrard, who confirmed that the vast majority of Season 2 cosmetics, including those featured in the trailer, will come from the new seasonal battle pass rather than the in-game store. 

There’s apparently a shop-exclusive shoulder piece in the Lone Wolves reveal trailer, but it’s not the skull ornament which has instantly become the talk of the town. This clarification has quelled the Halo community’s (not unfounded) fears that some of the best new items would see added paywalls. 

Elsewhere, players are just channeling their inner Elden Ring obsessive and dancing in the rain of long-awaited official news. 343 Industries has been promising a Season 2 reveal for weeks, and the studio itself recently acknowledged that “the community is simply out of patience,” so this trailer couldn’t come soon enough. The same is true of the season’s May 3 launch, which does unfortunately mean a couple more dry months, but also hopefully some follow-up reveals to tide players over and flesh out the season. 

Halo Infinite players may also have a battle royale-esque free-for-all mode to look forward to, according to newly datamined info. 

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