That PlayStation chess video was hiding a Resident Evil 4 teaser among many others

The Play Has No Limits video is chock full of game teasers, including some that have fans speculating about the alleged Resident Evil 4 Remake and other potential upcoming PS5 games.

The trailer-length video for all things PlayStation (opens in new tab) debuted at the PlayStation Showcase last week, and it tells its own story of a grand chess game reshaped by an action-packed heist. It didn’t end with a release date announcement for Chess 2, but it did give fans a ton of visual details to tease apart.

Tease apart they did, and Reddit user YAZEED-IX put together a thread (opens in new tab) that compiled all of the big ones spotted so far. The full list ranges from the usual suspects such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, pictured via trademark Comet logo at 1:03, to the unusual inclusion of the Los Illuminados insignia from Resident Evil 4 at 1:33.

Of all the Resident Evil imagery to pull out for this video, the Illuminados insignia is oddly specific to the game that has come out on almost as many platforms as Skyrim (and which debuted on GameCube, so it’s not like there’s any particular connection there). Elsewhere, the video includes a neon sign that says “Bright Falls,” the setting of Alan Wake – which was only confirmed for a PlayStation debut last week via Alan Wake Remastered.

We’ll just have to wait and see what other teasers from the video turn out to be more than just a nod to PlayStation’s past.

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