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After weeks of rumors and slightly bizarre marketing ploys, the Lego Luigi starter set is now up for pre-order. Primed to launch this August 1 2021 for $59.99 (opens in new tab) / £49.99 (opens in new tab), the kit will be more than a little popular if the Lego Super Mario sets are anything to go by. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best deals below and will continue to add to the list when more appear.

As things stand, there’s only one kit available right now: the Lego Luigi starter set, otherwise known as the ‘Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (opens in new tab)‘. If you’ve seen Lego’s Super Mario starter set, you’ll know the drill: besides getting Lego Luigi himself, you’re receiving a full course to build based on the video game series. That includes traps, challenges, allies in the form of Pink Yoshi, and enemies like Boom Boom to get in the way. Players will gain digital coins for overcoming these dangers, and the Luigi mini-figure is given life through digital eyes and a screen on its chest to show context-sensitive effects. If our Lego Super Mario hands-on is anything to go by, it should be pretty delightful.

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As with the other kits, Lego Luigi is compatible with all Lego Mario products. It can even be used with the Lego NES set if you’d like. Judging by that eerie marketing where Lego Mario toys began calling out for Luigi after a firmware update, the Luigi and Mario figures may also be able to interact with one another. Fingers crossed, anyway.

To be honest, it’s about time we had confirmation about the Lego Luigi starter set. As well as being teased through Mario’s calls for Luigi, it was then leaked by Amazon China. Whoops.

To avoid disappointment in case it sells out (we’d rather avoid another Lego Friends situation, thanks very much), be sure to pre-order early. As luck would have it, the latest offers can be found right here – and they’re updated every 30 minutes with the lowest prices.

Lego Super Mario deals

Lego Super Mario sets

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Want to build on your Lego Luigi starter set? There are plenty of Lego Mario deals to choose from. We’ve gathered the cheapest retailers here, and offers on the Mario starter set can be found underneath those quick links.

US: Amazon (opens in new tab)| Best Buy (opens in new tab) | Lego Store (opens in new tab)
UK: Amazon (opens in new tab) | John Lewis (opens in new tab) | Lego Store (opens in new tab)

Again, it’s worth pointing out that any Lego Super Mario kit is compatible with the Lego Luigi starter set – they’re interchangeable. And because the new Lego costumes you can buy separately look like they’ll fit Luigi as well, you can probably change his outfit too.

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Lego Luigi starter set

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With Lego having transformed our favorite franchises into bricks, there are more than a few sets worth investigating. We’ve rounded up some recommendations on the best Lego sets around, and you’ll find them all below (not to mention a deal or two).

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