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12 most ridiculously re-released games

Play it again, Sam. And again. And again. Quality gameplay never ages, and you can learn a lot from enjoying the classics. Unfortunately, gaming moves so fast that the dust barely has a chance to settle on your old consoles before new ones come out. If you ever want to …

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Drugs you didnt notice in video games

Our guide to the unlikeliest drugs in videogames Warning! You are about to read about mature subject matter, which shouldn’t be discussed by minors without the presence of a responsible adult. Topics we’ll be covering include drug use, drug crime, drug addiction, and the ending of Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. Consider …

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Resident Evil Revelations review

As is quickly being made clear by Capcom, 2012 is the year of Resident Evil. The franchise’s 15th anniversary is highlighted by multiple news games coming out, and it all starts with Resident Evil Revelations, a brand new portable adventure starring two of the series’ most popular characters. Can a …

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