Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player finds infinite assist trophy bug, chaos ensues

Between eight-player free-for-alls and nutty World of Light spirit combinations, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (opens in new tab) proudly embraces chaos. But filling the screen with Rathalos, Knuckles, or, most terrifyingly, the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? Now that’s just plain nuts – and it’s exactly what Smash players have been doing thanks to a strange bug involving Animal Crossing’s Isabelle, of all fighters. 

As YouTuber TheAfrowJow discovered (opens in new tab), Isabelle’s fishing rod attack – her side-B move – can be used to create a never-ending loop of assist trophies. Assist trophies can be summoned via the assist trophy item, and Isabelle’s fishing rod can be used to grab items. Well, it turns out that if two Isabelles use their fishing rods to grab the same assist trophy at the same time, the one who wins the tug-of-war will summon trophy after trophy until they’re attacked, or until the match ends. 

There’s seemingly no limit to how many trophies can be summoned, and their effects and damage can be stacked for disastrous results. Have a look at this video from YouTuber ProsafiaGaming (opens in new tab) showing Isabelle’s trophy armies in action:  

This bug requires extremely specific characters, moves, and commands, so there’s really no risk of it impacting competitive or casual play. Hell, if this happened to me in a game of Saturday night Smash, I’d happily stop to enjoy the fireworks. That being said, I sincerely hope Nintendo doesn’t patch this bug out. Just let Isabelle have her fun, you monsters. 

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