Stranger Things season 4 set video teases the premiere’s mysterious new group

Stranger Things season 4 is all about shaking up the status quo. Hopper is alive and out in Russia, Steve has a new job, and now it officially looks like a new group is rocking up to Hawkins, Indiana.

A new Stranger Things set video (and image) shows off the branding for “The Hellfire Club.” Hopefully it’s not as scary as it looks: a flaming sword and mace flank an image of a demon.

how it started how it’s going 6, 2020

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me knowing nothing about HFC yet running for Club President 6, 2020

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The Dungeons and Dragons dice at the top, though, might betray the group’s intentions. Far from being anything nefarious, this could be just a new set of friends to help the gang get their RPG on, especially now the Byers looked set to leave the Midwest for pastures new.

Posted next to a picture of the season 4 premiere script – which we already know is an episode also called The Hellfire Club – the logo is closely followed by Dustin actor Gaten Matarazzo running down the set with the flag at his back. Apparently, they’re “looking for new members.”

For comic fans, The Hellfire Club is an interesting moniker. The group were introduced in the X-Men comics of the early ‘80s and set about introducing world events and pulling strings from behind the scenes. Coincidence? Knowing the gang’s geekier tendencies, probably – but it’s a cute nod either way.

No release date yet for Stranger Things season 4 but there is a table read video to tide you over until then, as well as our list of best Netflix shows to help fill out your watchlist.

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