Stardew Valley robot mod lets you leave all the farm work to the machines

A new Stardew Valley mod that leaves all the farming to the machines is now available to busy players. 

As highlighted by PC Gamer (opens in new tab), there is now a Stardew Valley mod that lets players program a tiny helpful robot to do all the farming for you. The ‘Farmtronics’ mod (opens in new tab) “adds a programmable home computer to the TV in your farmhouse, and bots which you can program to do work around your farm.” 

This clever mod adds a Farmtronics Home Computer to the TV in players farmhouse where you will be able to access a how-to guide on how to use the robot as well as a ‘toDo’ command which gives you suggested tasks for the little guy to do. According to the Nexus Mods page for the mod, the computer also includes a number of built-in demo programs and has “full access to information about your farm” so there’s no need to input it all manually. 

Once players have gone through all of the toDo tasks they will receive their first Farmtronics brand robot in the mail and it’s all plain sailing from there. If you’re wondering just how much the bot can do – it can apparently do “almost anything you can do” so it can use tools, water crops, plant seeds, etc. If this wasn’t impressive enough, the robot can also sense its surroundings and change its status light depending on what activity it is currently doing. 

Both the home computer and the robots are programmed using the same language called MiniScript. If you’d like to see the little lad in action before you download the mod for yourself, the MiniScript YouTube channel has shared a video of the Farmtronics mod in action.  (opens in new tab)

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