Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough and guide to Zeffo, Kashyyyk Dathomir and more more

A Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough is useful considering the scale of this game. It’s a big galaxy and the open world layout of the various planets you can discover means you’ll often be exploring and backtracking various areas as you unlock new tools to open them up. There are also choices about where to go generally as you move through early locations like Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk and Dathomir – there’s no point in going to some places until you have a specific item and there’s absolutely an optimal path to exploration, gear unlocks and upgrades that make life a lot easier.

Which makes our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough useful, especially as it’s what we think is the optimal route through the game. However, in case you’ve already started, or want to go your own way we’ve included all the potential areas and paths, even if you can’t access them initially. If you can’t reach an area until you come back you’ll at least have learned where it is and what you need so the decision’s yours. These sections, marked in italics and explain what’s needed.  

So lets start this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough and save the universe. Again. 

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Bracca

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order bracca start

(Image credit: EA)

The opening of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a linear run through Bracca, the ship scrapping world Cal Kestus lives and works on. Follow the big guy, Prauf, to learn the basics of climbing and traversal. You’ll cover jumping, ropes slides and so on but other than that there’s not a lot to do here expect follow Prauf and watch the cutscenes. 

Eventually Prauf will fall and you’ll have to use the Force to save him. This will alert the Imperial Inquisition who’ll interrupt your train ride home for a little galactic stop and search.

Star Wars jedi fallen order lightsaber tutorial

(Image credit: EA)

Once the cutscenes have played out you’ll have to fight your way through a train. Again, it’s a tunneled tutorial to that will teach you how to use your lightsaber, covering the basics of attacking, parrying and deflecting blaster bolts. You’ll also learn your Force Slow move to top a spinning wall so you can climb it. 

star wars jedi fallen order train

(Image credit: EA)

Fight and climb your way through the carriages until a ship appears and starts shooting at you. You’ll have to sprint between the cargo in between bursts. Watch out for the narrow connection between rail cars as it’s easy to fall off. When you reach the next carriage you’ll have some more climbing to do and you’ll see a cutscene that introduces former Jedi Cere, flying alongside the train in the Mantis. 

star wars jedi fallen order mantis ship rescue

(Image credit: EA)

Continue along the train, climbing and fighting Stormtroopers as you go until Cere tries to rescue you from the Mantis. You’ll fall into a closed off area for a one on one with Second Sister. It’s an unwinable fight so just practise your blocking until the Mantis turns up.

star wars jedi fallen order second sister fight

(Image credit: EA)

You know have the Mantis as your base, as well as enabling you to access other planets as you unlock them, there’s a Bench you can use to customise your lightsaber as you find new parts, a Meditation Point to refill you life and level up, and a terrarium where you can grow collectible seeds you’ll find throughout the various worlds you visit. 

Star Wars jedi fallen order mantis interior

(Image credit: EA)

Head into the main area and you’ll find a space guitar you can play where Cere will explain Force Echos. These are basically collectible audio diaries you can find in the world. Once that’s done you’ll go to your first planet, Bogano.

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Bogano, Fractured Plain

Star wars jedi fallen order bogano temple

(Image credit: EA)

When you land on Bogano you’ll start in the Fractured Plain area and chat to Cere who will point out the giant Jedi temple in the distance you have to reach. 

There’s an area immediately under the ship where you you can’t do anything until you unlock Force Push. If you use Force Push on the door you’ll gain a Bogling stowaway for the ship (keep an eye out for him hiding in vets and other places). The Ball puzzle is fiddly but you can use Force Push to get it up to the stone path and then use Force Slow to help you run around to the wall panel with a small pipe on and Force Push it along the concrete track, just as it’s about to touch the grass, so it rolls into the circular switch. The timing is fiddly so it’ll take a while. 

As soon as you start exploring you’ll unlock a skill point so head forwards. You should see a path heading down towards to metal structure with red lights on. Look left to see a Meditation Spot you can use. 

Star wars jedi fallen order meditation spot

(Image credit: EA)

These Meditation Spots are basically your save points and you’ll always return to the last one you rested at, so get into the habit of using them as you progress to avoid having to go too far if you die. Resting will refill your health and Stim packs you have but also reset any enemies you’ve killed (yes, like Dark Souls).

star wars jedi fallen order BD-1

(Image credit: EA)

Spend your point on an Overhead Slash attack and when you leave Meditation you’ll meet your new robot pal BD-1. He’ll unlock a gantry you can use to reacha Climbable Wall and at the top you’ll get a quick holomap tutorial. 

Continue in the direction of the temple and you’ll see some platforms just below you that head to the right. Save the left turn for later as there’s more you can do once you have the Wall Run ability you’ll unlock shortly.

star wars jedi fallen order platforms

(Image credit: EA)

Follow the ledges right to a zipline which will take you down to a locked door and a Meditation Spot

star wars jedi fallen order locked door

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – frog monster Oggdo Boggdo

Head right and keep going along the pipe and you’ll find a room full of fans and another pipe to the right which will take you to an enclosed areas with a Legendary Beast Oggdo Boggdo, popularly called the frog monster, (one of four you can defeat to get a Legendary Beasts Trophy). Don’t go there just yet as you don’t have the skills or power to beat him. It’s best to come back later when you have a few more skills and power under your belt. 

(Image credit: EA)

Instead head into the fan room using your Force Slow to stop the main fan. Use it again to stop the fans on the floor so you can get across to the other side where you can see a light on a desk. Interact with the light to gain 1 / 3 Force Essence – if you find three of these it’ll boost your maximum Force. You’ll also get a Force Echo about Jedi studying the Sphere in the room. There’s a switch behind you that will shut down all the fans to help you get back. There’s a Crate on a higher platform you won’t be able to reach until you have Force Pull to access it via a different area when the story brings you back here. 

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Hermit’s Abode

Go back to the locked door with the Meditation Spot you zip lined to and you’ll see another pipe to the left that will take you around to a room called the Hermit’s Abode with some Bog Rats that will attack and damage BD-1 before you can kill them all. Look for a room on the right behind some vertical pipes with a glowing light inside, where you can find a Force Echo. Head out and use Force Slow to stop the fan and head in that room. 

star wars jedi fallen order fan

(Image credit: EA)

Go in and you’ll trigger a cutscene where you repair BD-1. Once it’s over, you’ll find a lightsaber customisation bench where all you can currently change is the blade colour.

When you leave this room BD-1 will slip through a gap and open a previously shut door you can now go through. 

Inside is a panel you can open with the Overcharge ability when you have it which will open a hole in the floor where you’ll find a Crate with a Lightsaber Switch Eno Cordova. 

(Image credit: EA)

Go up the Climbable Wall up to the next level and get electrocuted by the sparking electrical wires to trigger cutscene to unlock and teach you about Health Stims. Once through a small corridor you’ll see a pillar you can slash to release a rope Shortcut to the room below. Head left to find a chest with an Lightsaber Emitter Eno Cordova inside. You can head back down to attach it at the bench then use the rope to get back up. Head in the opposite direction from the chest, up the ramp and back outside where you’ll see a zipline in the direction of Temple.

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Great Divide

Use the zipline to reach the Great Divide. The the left you’ll see a rusty metal platform you can jump to but you’ll miss some stuff so instead look to the right where you’ll see Bog Rat below you that you can jump on and kill, and find a chest behind you containing a Poncho material Bogano Dawn. 

star wars jedi fallen order bog rat

(Image credit: EA)

Use the rope to cross the broken bridge to an area with a Meditation Spot, there’s a Force Echo in an alcove on the left to collect, then another zipline down to your right and kill the Bog Rat at the bottom. 

star wars jedi fallen order zipline

(Image credit: EA)

Head around the corner and you find more Bog Rats and a toad like Oggdo. Kill the Bog Rats and then lead the Oggdo away so you can get to the Climbable Wall it’s guarding. 

star wars jedi fallen order oggdo

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Subterranean Refuge 

If you have Force push you can also turn left to find a bridge you can push over to find a Scomp crate that requires a BD-1 Scomp link upgrade to open with a BD-1 Z’Gag wave skin inside. If you continue past the crate you’ll reach the lower level of the Abandoned Workshop. There’s a crate in the water you should be able to see from the surface, and reach when you have the rebreather that contains the Lightsaber Emitter Valor and Wisdom. There’s another crate underwater at the back that contains the LIghtsaber Switch Valor and Wisdom. Swim across to the Climbable Wall and climb up to find a door you can Slice with the Scomp Link if you have it, to reach a new room with a Force Essence and a Bench that will give you Lightsaber Eno Cordova hilt if you interact with it. 

Head out and continue up to reach a door you can now unlock to open a Shortcut to the starter area near the fan room. However, if you go back out the way you came and carry on past the Abandoned Workshop you’ll hit a mudslide. Look out for a rope you can jump up to catch which will let you reach a platform where you’ll find a Force Echo by a pile of bones, and another Force Echo in a room full of monsters. Kill them and continue through the room, up the ramp and you’ll rejoin the mudslide which lead you to a Climbable Wall that takes you back to the elevator tower.

star wars jedi fallen order subterranean refuge

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Bogano Terrarium Seed

Head up to find a Meditation Spot and the Subterranean Refuge. Drop down to kill the Bog Rats and you’ll find a plant you can scan to unlock a Terrarium Seed at the bottom most level to the right, climb back up a level and head through the corridor to the right under where you came in. 

star wars jedi fallen order new area

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – wall run ability

Drop down into the new area and head to the end where you’ll reach a narrow blocked corridor and trigger a Flashback that will teach you the Wall Run ability, which you can then use to get out of this area and back to the Subterranean Refuge 

Once you have the Wall Run, Force Pull and Jedi Leap you can Wall Run and Jedi Leap between the narrow walls to the top and Force Pull the rope to reach the top of the muddy slope and a Force Essence (you can just about do this with Force Pull and Wall Run alone, but it’s easier with Jedi Leap). Then you can Wall Run to the rope again and swing out into the main room to another rope you can Force Pull to swing and then Jedi Leap to reach a Wall Run to a ledge where you can grab a Life Essence

Back in the Subterranean Refuge you can use the Wall Run to reach the previously inaccessible platform with the glowing spot on it by wall running around the back of the area with a Climbable Wall, jumping between several walls to reach a Force Echo. There’s another Force Echo at the top, on the right as you came in, that you can reach by wall running several times from the meditation point.

star wars jedi fallen order wall run

(Image credit: EA)

Once you have the Force Echo drop down to the area above the vines and get back to the Meditation Spot. Head out over the beam and turn right to Wall Run over along the metal plate, then again over the wall towards the elevator tower. 

(Image credit: EA)

Before you drop down to the base of the elevator tower check left for a Crate with a Lightsaber Switch Valour and Wisdom 2 inside, then use the lift at the base of the metal tower (which is the bottom the rusty metal platform you saw earlier). At the top you’ll see a Zipline but ignore it and look behind you for a grassy path.

star wars jedi fallen order lift

(Image credit: EA)

Take the left path go down, killing any monsters along the way and look for an old fire on the left for Force Echo. You can go back the way you came to get to the other path or use the Climbable Wall as a shortcut. 

(Image credit: EA)

Head up and look for a way into the central part of the area. You’ll know when you’ve found it as a bog rat will ambush you. You’ll find a Climbable Wall inside the alcove you can use to climb up to find some monsters, a good view of the giant Binog, a Crate with a LIghtsaber Sleeve Valour and Wisdom 2 and a Scomp Crate you can’t open without a Scomp Link with the Lightsaber material Corundum inside. 

(Image credit: EA)

Once you’ve collected everything zipline down and you can now take the left path that involves multiple Wall Runs. This will take you to the vault. Interact with the door to open it and head inside to scan the plate in the middle and activate a recording from Eno Cordov. He’ll tell you to search Zeffo for ancient tombs. 

Head out slide down to where you’ll fight an Oggdo you can kill and scan it (or just run around) Take the long path from the temple to the right with the fossil at the end.

(Image credit: EA)

Drop down to the space on the left. There’s a door that opens from the other side you can’t do anything yet so Wall Run over to the painting and scan it to unlock the planet Dathomir as a destination. Open the door to make a shortcut to the starting area Meditation Spot.

(Image credit: EA)

Now you have the Wall Run you can use to to reach the Climbable Wall on the left. That will get you on top of a new area where you can drop down on the big Oggdo for a surprise attack (although it’s still worth waiting until you’re a higher level). 

If you look to the side of the zip lines here when you have Jedi Leap you’ll see a crate containing the Lightsaber Material Neauranum and a tiny purple flower – the Terrarium Seed Featherfern – that you can now reach if you double jump from the rusted walk way stubs at the edge. If you have the Force Pull there’s a bridge you can bring down and cross. In the area that leads to you’ll find a three Oggdo to kill, guarding a Scomp crate containing the Lightsaber Material Lamina Steel, a rope you can Force Pull to swing between areas a small structure where you can climb up to the scaffolding supporting the rope a Scomp Crate with Poncho Material offshore (look for the ribs of the fossil you saw earlier sticking up). You can also use the rope to swing into the fan room from the outside, using Force Slow on the fan to get through. That will get you to the Crate you couldn’t reach before that contains the Mantis Paint Job Republic.

If you decide to take on the Oggdo by dropping down for the sneak attack, and defeat him, you’ll find a Life Essence and a Scomp Link Crate with the Poncho Material Sumi. 

You then need to get back to the area above where if you dropped down where a zipline will take you back to the ship area. However, don’t go back to the ship straight away, instead turn right immediately after the zipline wall run combo and follow the path, past the Meditation Point and up the Climbable Wall. Keep around to the left until you reach the Amphitheater like area where can now access a new area with your Wall Run ability (there’s also a Force Echo in the trench under the walls you can run along).  

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Stim location, Bogano

Drop down the hole in the middle of this near area to the upper level of the Subterranean Refuge and unlock a Health Stim Upgrade from a Yellow crate. If you have Force Push you can knock the block down to make a Shortcut back up. If you can get back up (or don’t drop down) you can go up the slope at the back, and drop into an area with a binog mural and a Crate with the Outfit material Pathfinder. From the create look for a tiny ledge below that will let you drop down back to the Subterranean Refuge entrance. 

Whatever you end up doing, now’s the time to head back to the ship and prepare to move on. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – should you go to Zeffo or Dathomir first ? 

At this point you’ll have two options to travel to: the planets Dathomir and Zeffo. The latter is technically where you’re meant to be going first. Dathomir on the other hand is tough at a low level and you can’t get past a certain point until you’ve upgraded a lot. However, you can unlock a double bladed Lightsaber here early and grab a few other useful, if nonessential things, so it’s worth taking a little detour. If you’re not bothered about upgrading your lightsaber early, it’ll happen later anyway so skip to Zeffo and comeback to Dathomir later. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Dathomir

star wars jedi dathomir

(Image credit: EA)

When you land on Dathomir you’ll want to take the right path down to the Climbable Wall  and go right until you can climb up. You’ll see a monster peak over as you go but he won’t attack. Climb up and keep right, taking care with the toxic spiders that spit poison and splash caustic gunk when they die, as you scale the ledges and look for an alcove you can Wall Run in to reach a higher level. 

Star Wars jedi fallen order spider

(Image credit: EA)

Get up there and you’ll see a Climbable Wall on the right to take. At the top you can head right for another Wall Run to a Crate with the BD-1 skin Yavin Prime inside. Turn back and look for a 90 degree Wall Run that leads to a wooden platform. 

Star Wars jedi fallen order secret

(Image credit: EA)

Get up there and go into find a Force Echo then leave. When you come out look right for a branch you can use to reach a Wooden crane in the distance. Slash it with your lightsaber to release a Shortcut down to the original area you climbed up to. 

star wars jedi fallen order dathomir fallen order

(Image credit: EA)

Go around the corner and you should see a tall doorway ahead.

(As you head up check right for a hidden Scomp Crate containing the Lightsaber Emitter Magus you’ll be able to get once you have the Scomp Link. On the left you should see a path down to a locked door and an opening blocked by a wooden crate you can move if you have Force Push. If you have it then push the crate to get in and then keep pushing it through and out, so that it falls into the corridor below. Then you can push it towards the vine you can’t reach without the box and climb over to get a Life Essence

star wars jedi fallen order dathomir lightsaber

(Image credit: EA)

Head through the big door to trigger a cutscene where you’ll meet the Night Sister and have to fight two Night Warriors. Defeat them and head out of the room where you’ll see two ropes you can swing across to find a Meditation Point. Stop on the first rope though and turn around you’ll see a Force Echo hidden in the wall above you can swing too.

star wars jedi fallen order meditation spot

(Image credit: EA)

Swing over to the Meditation Point and use it before heading up the stairs where you’ll be attacked by a Night Warrior and two archers. Once they’re all dead you’ll discover the door is locked so head around to the right where the archer was and go in that door. Be ready for an ambush as you go through. Deal with that and head up the stairs where another Night Brother will jump out, kill him and deal with the archer then check to the right where you’ll find a Crate with Mantis Paint Job Racer (if you com via this route later there’ll be another Night Brother ambush here). 

star wars jedi fallen order dathomir archer

(Image credit: EA)

Head through the door on the left where you’ll find two archers on a ledge to deal with and a Wall Run you can use to reach a branch up there once you’ve dealt with them. Follow the path around and you’ll go past the locked door from earlier, below you on the right. Follow the path around and when it goes back inside you should be above a Night Brother and spider you can drop down on and attack. 

When they’re dead look for a Crate which will contain the Lightsaber Switch Magus, then follow the passage out which will bring you to the otherside of the locked door you can now unlock for a shortcut. Head to the ledge which should look out over a bridge with a cloaked figure. 

star wars jedi fallen order dathomir cloaked figure

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough – Dathomir early double bladed lightsaber unlock

You can talk to the cloaked figure although you won’t get much out of him now (he’s a later thing) so drop down and head left to find a lightsaber Bench to gain a Double Bladed lightsaber and a new Lightsaber Sleeve magus then keep going through the tunnels killing the monsters and climb up at the end to find a Life Essence. 

This is pretty much all you can do here for now so drop down to the Meditation Point and fight your way back to the ship so you can head to Zeffo

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