Stan Lee wont cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy

It has been one of the longest running jokes in any one franchise, but Stan Lee’s run of cameos in every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to date is about to come to an end – he won’t be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy (opens in new tab) .

The Marvel mogul has had a cameo in lots of Marvel’s movies, including Spider-Man, Daredevil, X-Men, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man and, of course, every movie in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. But he won’t be appearing in Marvel’s next new property Guardians of the Galaxy .

Speaking to Dweebcast , Lee was asked about a possibility of his cameo in the film and he said: “No, I’m afraid not. That’s the one group I didn’t create.

“I didn’t write Guardians of the Galaxy . I’m not even sure who they all are. I can’t wait to see the movie.”

While he didn’t create the group, Lee is credited alongside Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers with the creation of one of its members: the tree-like Groot (to be voiced by Vin Diesel in the film).

So sadly, if we want to see Stan Lee cameo as an intergalactic extra-terrestrial, it looks like we’ll have to hope for a Groot solo movie.

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