11 of the easiest rare Trophies… and how to unlock them

11 of the easiest rare trophies – and how to unlock them

A Trophy is initially rated as Common, which drops to Rare if less than 50% of players who own the game have earned it, Very Rare if the figure is below 15% and Ultra Rare if under 5% have it in their collection. Naturally the rarity of most Trophies is down to the difficulty of achieving them but, as we show in this feature, there are also plenty of rare Trophies in recent releases that you can add to your virtual silverware cabinet with a minimum of effort. You know, just in case you want to show off.

All rarity ratings were correct at the time of publishing, and relate to the PS4 version of the game if released on multiple formats.

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

During the course of Black Flags main story, there are plenty of opportunities to rescue fellow pirates from peril and add them to your crew. They can be obtained by fighting off the guards attacking them in towns, picking them up from shipwrecks, and recruiting them from plundered vessels… but for this Trophy youre looking for pirates being held at gunpoint. If you have any trouble finding this then replay the start of Memory Sequence 3, as the first mission presents several opportunities.

Once youve found some captured sea dogs, locate a nearby group of dancers to hire then lead them back to the hostage situation. Approach the guards with caution then hit L2 when the distract prompt appears and your accomplices will lure the enemies away, allowing you to stroll up and unlock the Trophy by freeing your future shipmates without having to enter combat.

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As the opening announcement for each level instructs you, saving the last humans is your main task in Resogun, along with avoiding all those pesky enemy ships and bullets flying everywhere. Most players are content just to fly or throw their rescued humans into the escape pod beam (theres a Trophy for that too) as soon as they make contact them, but saving two of them within a second sounds like itll require some fancy juggling manoeuvres to pull off.

Thankfully, despite being in peril from the invading alien forces, the humans are actually pretty hardy and can take a blasting from your laser with little more than a grunt of displeasure. Using this to your advantage, simply carry one human with you and avoid the escape pod beam until a second human appears, then keep shooting this new survivor to launch them into the air and carry them along to the beam before boosting through it to rescue your passenger and unlock the Trophy.

For more help with saving the last humans, be sure to check out our updated Resogun tips and tricks guide (opens in new tab).

Call of Duty Ghosts

Although theres nothing difficult about obtaining this award, like many on our list its easily overlooked if youre not aware of the requirements. During the ‘Federation Day’ chapter (Mission 7) youll hop out through a broken window and enter a face down rappelling section, before using your mobile device to cut the power to the building youre infiltrating.

After taking out the enemies on the balcony to your left, move slowly forward/downward until you get two floors below the balcony level and look through the window to spot another enemy taking a nap in a chair. This goon definitely picked the wrong day to be sleeping on the job, as a quick double tap to the head will ensure they never wake up; and it’ll add this Trophy to your collection.

Grand Theft Auto V

As anyone whos played Grand Theft Auto V will testify, the map of Los Santos and Blaine County is huge. Its also initially shrouded in fog, with the detail being gradually revealed as you travel around to new areas. If you generally stick to the main roads and follow suggested GPS routes you can get through a large portion of the game without exposing whole chunks of the map, but this process can be greatly sped up by swiping a plane then flying up and down any sections still misted out.

After a majority of the map is on display, transferring to a more manoeuvrable helicopter will help pick off any of the small patches that remain. You actually dont have to explore every last nook and cranny as this Trophy unlocks once 95% of the fog has been dispersed, but coastal areas and offshore islands are included in this so be sure to go right to the edge of the map as you fly around.


When not facing off against real opponents online, most FIFA players are happy to take on the challenge of CPU teams on Semi-Pro or Professional difficulty. The step up past World Class to Legendary difficulty is more like a giant leap, and unless you have serious footballing skills then getting any sort of win is a struggle, let alone coming back for victory after trailing at half time.

However, there are several handy tricks you can use that make this feat much easier to achieve. Theres no restriction on which teams can be picked, so controlling a 5-star team against one rated -star will tip the odds in your favour–the Republic of Irelands Airtricity League has plenty of them to choose from. If that doesnt give you enough of an edge, head to the controller settings and adjust the CPU sliders to make the opposing team slow and terrible at passing and shooting.

Once the match kicks off, deliberately allow your opponent to score or, if youve crippled them with slider alterations, stick the ball in your own net then hold out until half time. All you need to do then is go on to win the match in the second half and the Trophy will be yours–but make sure you reset the sliders afterwards or the CPU teams will be permanently borked.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

There are a number of character-specific awards to unlock in this latest Lego adventure, but most of them require Marvel minfigs that arent available until later in the game. Handily for this Trophy the Hulk is one of the first characters you take control of on level 1, and his special ability is ready to go from the off.

To switch between Dr Bruce Banner and the green giant, all you need to do is have the Hulk selected then hold the Triangle button until the transformation takes place. If you keep the Triangle button held down then your character will continue to switch between their two forms, and the 50 transformations required will only take a matter of minutes–you can even stick a rubber band around the pad if you dont want to sit around holding the button yourself!

Gran Turismo 6

Some of Gran Turismo 6s Trophies are understandably rare, as many players dont have the time or skill required to get Gold awards in every S Licence test or drive an overwhelming 7,903 miles in total to equal the length of the Autobahn. This particular accolade, on the other hand, requires no skill whatsoever and its rarity is instead due to players not knowing where to find the secret tyre stash.

The fabled stack of distinctive blue rubber can be found on the Mount Panorama track, and the quickest way to access it is to go through the menus to select Arcade -> Time Trial -> World Tracks -> Mount Panorama. This will start you just before the final corner, at which point you should veer right instead of following the track and continue under the footbridge until you see a wall of white tyres on the left. Pull a 180 spin behind that and youll spot the pile of familiarly-coloured wheel coverings, which you can then drive into to claim this reward.

The Playroom

If you picked up the PlayStation Camera along with your PS4, you should (by now) have tried out the augmented reality mini-games found in The Playroom. As the main Trophy descriptions are hidden the rewards are all fairly rare, but one of the easiest ones can be obtained by engaging in fisticuffs with your flying pet robot ASOBI.

After selecting the appropriate menu option to spawn ASOBI in your room, start swinging your arm at him to land some punches and launch him backwards–if youre having trouble connecting then try hitting him with the pad instead. Each blow that connects will make him increasingly angry, represented by his glowing red eyes, and after three successful hits he will respond by shocking, freezing or setting fire to your head to unlock this Trophy.

Need for Speed Rivals

Completing events and escaping from the cops during your Racer career awards you with points, but you dont actually receive them until you return to a hideout and bank them. Your score multiplier gets higher the longer you go without banking but your heat level also rises, sending more aggressive and better equipped cops after you wholl wipe out any points youre carrying if you get busted. This makes saving up 500,000 points a very tricky prospect, but there is an easy way to do it while avoiding the attention of the police.

Once youve unlocked the [HARD] Play for Real Interceptor event and own a decent Racer car, upgrade it as much as possible and equip the Shockwave and ESF tech. Jump to that event (found on the airstrip in the southwest of the map) then use your tech to destroy the pursuing cop while still on the runway, which will quickly complete the event and allow you to return to the event marker and repeat it. Use the garage at the end of the runway whenever you need to repair your vehicle and replenish your tech, and with the increasing multiplier you should be able to rack up over 500,000 points in around 5 minutes, then simply drive down the road to your nearby hideout to bank your score and collect the Trophy.

Killzone Shadow Fall

In Killzone Shadow Fall, ziplines are created using your OWL combat drone by swiping right on the controller touchpad, then reaching a raised area and launching a line at the ground below. Shooting an enemy while ziplining can be difficult and opportunities to do this are few and far between, but handily theres a section early in the game thats perfectly set up for it.

In Chapter 2 youll reach a crash site during the You Have The Intel? section, which has a higher ground position overlooking two enemies below. Zipline over them and try to take one out, but let the other escape to sound the alarm, then simply keep running up the hill and swinging back down firing until you reach the target for this ultra rare Trophy. Dont forget you can always drop the difficulty level if youre struggling to get enough kills.


After completing the initial section in Act I of this shadow-shifting puzzle adventure, your character will be lead to the Ghost Note Club and met with a short cutscene. At any time after this point in the act you can head down the street to explore the rest of the area, and for this Trophy the location were interested in sits between the Ghost Note Cabaret and the Connoisseur Gentlemans Club.

Here youll find a suspicious looking shop with a pink neon sign that simply reads Dirty, and although at first glace this could maybe just be a misunderstood laundrette, on closer inspection the word Girls being written on every window suggests its wares are more adult in nature. Although the shop is little more than set dressing this Trophy will unlock if you try to enter through the door, but as the description says you really should have known better than to try and go in!


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