SSX: Wingsuit Race trailer finally makes good on Deadly Descents initial promise

EA’s been working overtime making sure you know how far SSX has come since that initial trailer. While the project famously started life as a grim ‘n’ gritty reboot, subsequent glimpses are far more in keeping with the series’ outlandishly fun pedigree. Now the company’s revealed what looks like one of the most interesting features yet… which just happens to be the very innovation teased by that first, notorious clip. That’s right: it’s squirrel-racin’ time!

SSX can presumably do what it damn well pleases by this point, having just treated you to a demo. Not to mention revealing locations like Siberia, Patagonia and – yes! – New Zealand‘s most prominent appearance in a videogame since Taito had a go some 24 years ago. Not that your current correspondent’s been keeping track, or anything. Anyway, look forward to the game’s full release next week, at which time those squirrel-suits will be yours for the unlocking.

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