Splitgate Season One launches next week with new modes

Splitgate has announced a Beta Season One update for launch next week.

Revealed earlier today with a teaser trailer, Splitgate’s debut seasonal event will kick off next week across all platforms. As you might expect with a brand new seasonal event, there’ll be an entirely new Battle Pass to purchase and level up as soon as the new season arrives.

There’s also two brand new game modes thrown into the mix. Firstly there’s Evolution, an elimination mode which buffs the loadouts of the losing team going into subsequent rounds. Next there’s One Flag Capture-the-Flag, where teams compete to get the flag back to their home base and score.

Also featured in the debut Season One update for Splitgate is a map editor. Right now, we don’t have too many details on what this map editor will actually offer, but we know it’ll allow players to customize weapon and wall placements, as well as move around spawn zones and portal walls.

This should be, all things considered, just about the biggest single update for Splitgate so far. The shooter launched into open beta across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms in mid-2021, and has been a runaway success for developer 1047, with millions of players around the world actually forcing the developer to upgrade their servers in an effort to keep the game afloat. As of last August, 1047 planned to keep Splitgate in early access “for the forseeable future.”

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