Ooblets update lets you set your excess Ooblets free

Ooblets only launched on the Epic Games Store and Xbox a few weeks ago, but this latest update will solve a growing problem for many players: too many Ooblets. Now, you’ll be able to send your Ooblets to the eternal pasture that is the Wildlands to hang out with the villager Outgrid.

We heard some of you (not naming names) wanted a way to rid yourselves of “excess” ooblets 😒Thankfully, Outgrid could use some extra pals in the Wildlands, so you can now drop them off there!🍄 v0.3.60 is live on Epic (soon for Xbox) 🍄 pic.twitter.com/cOsNtC5Bb2July 26, 2020

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While this may seem counterintuitive for a game whose core tenet is amassing a collection of adorable dancing critters, it’s very easy to quickly get inundated with the little critters – and it’s not like you have a very large house for them to hangout in. But even game designer Ben Wasser (@perlamps (opens in new tab)) didn’t expect the critter over-population issue – a few weeks ago he posted on the Ooblets Discord (opens in new tab) , writing “we’ll provide a way to deal with extraneous Ooblets, we didn’t anticipate folks getting a bunch of the same types.”

In Ooblets, you’ll travel to an island where you’re introduced to the lovely way of living where every human has a collection of little Ooblets that follow them around, help with farming, and engage in dance-offs. It’s like Pokemon without the, ya know, dog fighting. 

Your first Ooblet is gifted to you as soon as you arrive on the island, but you’ll have to grow the rest by obtaining Ooblet seeds from winning dance-offs. Basically, beat an Ooblet on the dancefloor and they’ll sort of poo out a seed for you to plant and tend to. That seed will grow into an Ooblet, and it’s very easy to end up with a surplus of similar critters. I for one planted every Ooblet seed I got within the first few days of playing, which resulted in me having far too many Lumpstumps for my liking (they seem a bit mean-spirited, don’t they?). Plus, I often only had the dance-off payments necessary to compete against Ooblets I already had, but I wanted to show my roommates the dance-offs so often that I just kept doing it. 

Keep in mind that Ooblets is still in Early Access, and you can’t currently access the Wildlands, so if you let go of that fourth Clomper whose been eying you funny, you won’t be able to see it again (at least not in this build).

Perhaps the best part about this update is the notice you get when you head to the top of the map to release your Ooblets to Outgrid. A pop-up appears that reminds you to never, ever let your real-life pets go if you find you can’t care for them any longer. “Important Notice: Oob is a lot safer than the real world. Never, ever abandon real pets in the wilderness. Don’t adopt pets you can’t commit to looking after for their entire life, but if you need to, arrange a relinquishment at a local animal shelter.” Now, isn’t that a lovely sentiment?

The Ooblets update that lets you offload your extra buddies is live on Epic Game Store now and will arrive on Xbox soon. 

How to get clothlets in Ooblets.  (opens in new tab)

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