DC and Marvel heroes make a surprise appearance in Spawns Halloween-themed comics

The Marvel/DC/Todd McFarlane team-up that started with the surprising Batman #118 variant cover homage to Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 continues this week with a surprising Marvel/DC/Todd McFarlane crossover.

Rising cover artist Björn Barends has drawn Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America – or at least kids wearing knockoff Halloween costumes of the heroes – in not one but two Image Comics variant covers. October 20’s King Spawn #3 and October 27’s Spawn #323 will both have variant covers featuring the superhero-dressed kids trick-or-treating at both the former at the house of Billy Kincaid (aka the Ice Cream Man) and the other at the Violator’s house.

Check them out here:

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(Image credit: Björn Barends (Image Comics/Todd McFarlane Productions))

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Spawn variant covers

(Image credit: Björn Barends (Image Comics/Todd McFarlane Productions))

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“Since Halloween is such a nice holiday, I not only sent the kids to ring the doorbell at the clown’s house, but also to Billy Kincaid’s house to bring me some candy,” Barends writes on Instagram (opens in new tab).

It’s particularly creepy to see kids at Kincaid’s door, as in the Spawn comics he’s not only a supervillain but also he specializes in kidnapping and killing children.

“Just in time for Halloween!” McFarlane tweets (opens in new tab). “This cover is what nightmares are made of!”

Although these covers are evocative, it doesn’t appear they are hints at a larger story in King Spawn or the main Spawn book. It appears to be a fun setting for a variant cover, throwing in these thinly-veiled versions of DC and Marvel heroes – something McFarlane’s Spawn comics has done in the past.

King Spawn #3 goes on sale on October 20, with Spawn #323 following on October 27.

Speaking of costumes, here’s our recommended best comic book Halloween costumes on a budget. 

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