Spaceship commercial shows off Star Citizens 4K visuals

This commercial for a ship in Star Citizen was made entirely with in-game assets, according to Developer Roberts Space Industries. The massively crowdfunded and massively multiplayer space combat game from the creator of Wing Commander is, graphically speaking, out of this world.

RSI is developing the game with 4K resolutions in mind according to a blog post, meaning that its models are detailed more with masses of polygons than tough-to-upscale textures. Visuals like the video above–which itself can be viewed in 4K, if you have a compatible monitor and select Original resolution–will be possible with the next generation of CPUs and graphics cards, RSI says.

Backers of the ambitious space sim can’t take flight just yet, though they can take walk around and gawk at their purchased spaceships in a limited first-person hangar simulation. You can get on board early with a $30 Digital Scout package.

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