Sonic Central is a live stream this Thursday that promises a first look at upcoming projects

A Sonic Central live stream featuring upcoming projects, partnerships, and events will take place this Thursday. 

Did someone say news?Tune in at 9am PT on 5/27 for a first look at some of the projects, partnerships, and events for our #Sonic30th celebration! 25, 2021

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Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Twitter account shared the news about Sonic Central, which kicks off at 9am PT / 12pm PT / 5pm BST this Thursday, May 27 on the official Sonic YouTube and Twitch channels. The Sonic Central (or Sonic Direct as one Twitter user affectionately calls it), is part of the Sonic 30th anniversary celebration, so expect some lovely little surprises. 

There are no details on what to expect from Sonic Central but with all the recent Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie details leaking lately, it wouldn’t be too out of the question to expect a trailer of some sort. Just last week, the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie plot leaked online, and with a release date set for early next year, a teaser of some sort would be perfectly timed.

As far as games go, a voiceover studio leaked Sonic Colors Remaster about a month ago. Although the webpage has since been taken down, it certainly looks like Sega is remastering the 2010 Nintendo Wii and DS game. If that’s the case, perhaps it will be announced during Thursday’s Sonic Central presentation. And just two days ago, an ‘EU version’ of an unannounced Sonic Collection for PS4 popped up for sale on a French retail site. It certainly seems like some remakes are in the works…

This year is also Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, and aside from the temporarily available Super Mario 3D All-Stars, rumors have swirled that Nintendo is reportedly preparing a collection of HD Mario games for Switch. Could something similar be in store for Sonic? We won’t  know until Thursday, so keep an eye out. 

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