Skyrim player annihilates one of its hardest bosses in just five seconds

A Skyrim player has managed to take down one of the game’s toughest bosses in a matter of seconds.

Bethesda’s colossal RPG has its fair share of challenging boss encounters that require quick thinking, a clever choice of weaponry, and a decent level to overcome. But sometimes, a player can be a bit too prepared, and what should be an epic and memorable showdown can be over in the blink of an eye.

This was certainly the case with Reddit user MuhBoi117 when they took on the infamous Karstaag. This level 90 ghost giant is a fiendishly tricky foe and widely regarded as one of Skyrim‘s most difficult bosses. Along with his mighty club and fist attacks, he’s got a stomp manoeuvre that’s so powerful it can send a Dragonborn flying across the room. He also regenerates health very quickly and is completely immune to frost damage, poison, and paralysis. Still, Karstaag was no match for MuhBoi117. 

The player shared their brief encounter with the boss on the Skyrim subreddit (opens in new tab) in a post titled “I think my character is a little OP”. The footage, which you can see below, shows them placing Karstaag’s skull upon his throne summoning the mighty ghost and besting him with just a few sword swings. What makes this an even more impressive feat is that they managed to do it on Legendary difficulty. We have to agree with MuhBoi117; we think they might be a tad overpowered too.

i_think_my_character_is_a_little_op_legendary from r/skyrim

Other Skyrim fans took to the comments section to share their experience with the mighty boss. Another player’s encounter with Karstaag didn’t go quite so smoothly: “I stumbled upon this without knowing what it was and got absolutely destroyed and noped on out,” recalls the Reddit user. reesesrx7 didn’t fare much better, “Level 50 and I literally couldn’t make his health bar move at all.” User D0vahDonut ultimately triumphed over the boss, but it was a hard-won victory, “I finally fought Karstaag for my first time yesterday, tried it on Legendary level, and he killed me instantly. I eventually killed him, but now I know what all the hype with him was about.”

In other Skyrim news, Skyrim Together Reborn, a huge multiplayer mod, has just launched. It’s proved wildly popular, amassing over 85,000 downloads in just three days. Despite its success, the mod’s developer is ready to move on and leave it in the hands of the Skyrim modding community. 

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