Skype revealed for PlayStation Vita: free app available now

Sony and Skype have just announced the launch of the latter’s app for the PlayStation Vita, adding a freely-downloadable Internet calling app to the PlayStation store. The announcement marks the debut of video calling on the current generation of handheld consoles – indeed, it’s the first purpose-built games machine of its caliber to allow the feature (assuming you’re not down with sidetalking (opens in new tab)).

The Skype app’s designed to utilize either of the Vita’s cameras, and can run in background mode on the offchance you should want to use your new video-phone for playing games. The app works on both 3G and WiFi models of the Vita, giving owners of Sony’s premium model handheld video-calling wherever they go in a clear sign that you’re now living in the distant future. WiFi owners, meanwhile, can enjoy the feature from home, a friend’s house or their nearest Starbuck’s, in a clear sign that you’re now living in the near future, at the very least.

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