The Walking Dead will feature an Ezekiel/Michonne romance – and the showrunner teases Caryl finally happening

Love is in the air in The Walking Dead season 10 (opens in new tab). The upcoming batch of episodes will feature a romance blossoming between Michonne and Ezekiel, both of whom have lost people close to them during the past season. ‘Caryl’ shippers should also be on red alert: The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has also spoken about Carol and Daryl’s relationship.

The news about Michonne and Ezekiel shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who have watched The Walking Dead season 10 San Diego Comic-Con trailer (opens in new tab) over and over again. The pair of community leaders get close to each other during the course of the two-minute clip. Those wondering whether it might be a misdirect or dream sequence, though, can have their fears put to rest.

“There is a certain amount of stuff in Season 10 that has to do with illusions or flashbacks or dreams, things like that,” Kang teased to TV Line (opens in new tab) about events that may (or may not) go down in The Walking Dead’s anniversary year, but Michonne and Ezekiel’s romance is real: “We are seeing a moment. This really does happen.”

Further expanding on why the two connect, Kang said: “The characters have always had a respect for each other. They like each other. [And their relationship] feeds into the journeys they’re on this season.”

Both Ezekiel and Michonne are also grieving, with the Kingdom’s leader having lost adoptive son Henry – slain by the Whisperers in that pike scene – and Michonne having seemingly lost Rick during the first half of last season.

Another coming to terms with Henry’s loss, of course, is Ezekiel’s former betrothed, Carol. She and Ezekiel are still separated. The two of them are “kind of in their own realms, both alone in their grief,” according to Kang, “Yet it’s like they need people.”

It’s that last tease that may launch a thousand Tumblr posts and fan-fics. The will they/won’t they aspect of Carol and Daryl has permeated many a quiet, tender moment during the course of the show’s entire run. Kang adds a little more fuel to the fire saying “there’s an emotional core between the two of them.”

With one The Walking Dead relationship already confirmed – in Danai Gurira’s final season as Michonne, no less (opens in new tab) – it’s entirely possible that fans are finally going to see Carol and Daryl get together.

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