Revised Wii model coming to US bundled with New Super Mario Bros and Galaxy soundtrack for $150

It seems like only yesterday (22 hours to be exact) that we Americans were jealously looking at the light blue Wii that’ll soon be on sale in the UK and Europe and thought, “will we ever get a chance to buy a repackaged, redesigned Wii this fall?” This morning Nintendo answered our question with the new Wii bundle that features, among other things, the recent hardware revision Nintendo revealed at GamesCom this year that will be on sale in less than two weeks.

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This marks the first time we’ve seen the altered Wii available in the US, which if you didn’t know cuts out the GameCube backwards compatibility used by .00001% of Wii owners. The new sideways Wii also comes with New Super Mario Bros Wii and the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack which isn’t available anywhere else in the US. We’re not sure why Nintendo is so stingy with its soundtracks, but Galaxy’s music is so good it’s almost worth the price tag alone, unless you’re a morally corrupt person that downloads MP3s. Anyway, this Mario-centric, GameCube-free bundle will go on sale at US retailers October 23.

Oct 11, 2011

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