Dead or Alive 5 trailer shows off new stage and special guest Akira from Virtua Fighter

Team Ninja’s big return to fighting games continues to build to its fall release later this year. This newest trailer showcases a new stage with a battle between series stars Kasumi and Ayane. But at about the halfway point, things take an odd turn.

Out of nowhere comes Virtua Fighter’s lead martial artist, Akira Yuki. Though crossovers like this have popped up before, this is the first time DoA has ever featured a character from a competing fighting franchise (though many will recall the Spartan named Nicole-458 that appeared in DoA4). Akira’s move set in the video seemed pretty accurate to what he pulls off in VF5, but with that extra cinematic edge DoA5 is trying t add to the genre.

The game is planned for fall release this year, but if you preorder Ninja Gaiden 3 (opens in new tab), you’ll get early access to a demo.

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