Paper Mario Sticker Star E3 gameplay trailer

Mario is back in paper form and is heading for a new adventure on the 3DS. This time around the action RPG revolves around stickers, which you use to bash enemies and solve environmental puzzles. This means you’ll have to scourer each level for stickers hidden inside Question Blocks and stuck to almost every surface in the game. Mario can even take regular objects and turn them into stickers as well.

But not much else has changed for this paper-thin plumber, which isn’t a bad thing. The game retains its time-based RPG elements that have made the Paper Mario franchise a smash hit in the past. So you’ll still have to press buttons at just the right moment to deal some extra damage and block attacks. Its paper bending humor and whimsy are back as well.

Check out the trailer below as Mario peels out during the holidays:

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