Nintendo NX works as console or handheld, report says

The Nintendo NX will combine Nintendo’s handheld and console designs by featuring a “mobile unit” that can be used in conjunction with a home console or taken on the go, if a report (opens in new tab) from the Wall Street Journal is to be believed. So, basically a Wii U with an honest-to-goodness portable screen. Not only that, but the house that Mario built may finally rival its competitors in terms of raw power thanks to “industry-leading chips.”

We’ve had hints of how the NX could merge home and handheld markets before thanks to Nintendo’s own claims (opens in new tab) and patent applications (opens in new tab). It’ll be a good thing if it turns out to be true, so hopefully the hardware R&D can follow our other six suggestions of what the NX needs to do to turn things around for Nintendo (opens in new tab).

So how did the Wall Street Journal come by this information? Their report claims that Nintendo has begun to send out NX software development kits, and cites “people familiar with the matter.” It won’t be long before we find out how accurate these reports are, as Nintendo has publicly stated that the company will reveal more about the platform in 2016.

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