New Westworld season 3 trailer teases the Dolores/Maeve stand-off weve all been waiting for

We’ve finally got a tangible Westworld season 3 (opens in new tab) trailer, and it looks like this season may be the wildest one yet.

Aaron Paul’s Caleb has been recruited by Dolores, who claims the two are “a lot alike” – not because Caleb’s necessarily also a robo-killer, but he’s been “put in a cage” by people who have chosen his life path. It’s clear that Caleb has been on Dolores’ radar for some time, and the two of them teaming up to go after “the person who took [his] future”, whoever that may be. Whatever happens, if all else fails, Dolores is ready to initiate her back up plan: kill everyone. 

We also see the return of Thandie Newton’s Maeve, who sacrificed herself at the end of season 2. Looks like she’s been resurrected in a new park, Warworld, and she, too, is being recruited – to track down and kill Dolores. The face-off we’ve been waiting for is coming. 

A piano version of Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” plays throughout the latter half of the trailer, as we get glimpses of Tessa Thompsons’ Hale, who was hijacked by Dolores last season, but seems autonomous now. There’s also Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard, who seems to still be trapped within one of the parks, and Ed Harris’ The Man in Black is back and apparently going to “save the fucking world”. Sure…

The trailer confirms reports that much of Westworld season 3 will take place outside the main park, and it looks like the world has been through some serious shit. We know from earlier teasers that the show’s lore includes “divergences” that took place across the world, includes the ecological collapse of Indonesia and the assassination of the President-Elect of the United States. The city shown in the trailer is half in ruin, with plants overtaking skyscrapers and giant mechs walking around. 

Many complained that the second season of Westworld was too confusing, but have no fear. ScreenRant re (opens in new tab)ports that season 3 will be easier to follow, according to co-creator Jonathan Nolan. Westworld Season 3 debuts on HBO in the US, and Sky and NOW TV in the UK, on March 15. 

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