New trailer online for The Tall Man: watch now

The Tall Man has released a new trailer online, in which Jessica Biel finds herself locked in battle with a mythical figure charged with abducting a group of children from a small town in backwoods America.

The story starts with a number of the town’s children going missing in mysterious circumstances. The more superstitious inhabitants put it down to a malevolent boogeyman know as The Tall Man, who snatches unsuspecting children from their beds. Town nurse Julia (Biel) isn’t convinced.

However, her opinion of the situation is radically changed when her own son disappears, provoking her to head out into the woods in the hope of separating fact from fiction while recovering her missing offspring.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

The talking heads segments at the beginning create a suitably eerie atmosphere, although once Biel’s son is snatched, this one looks as though it takes a rather abrupt turn into melodramatic territory. Still, we’re holding out hope that there will be a good few scares to be enjoyed along the way.

Directed by Martyrs helmer Pascal Laugier, The Tall Man opens in France on 5 September 2012, with a UK release expected to follow shortly after.

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