New The Batman set pics show Catwoman, Batman, and Chicago as Gotham

The Batman shoot in Liverpool gave us plenty of sneak peeks at the upcoming movie – including cool details of set decorations, and pictures of Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravtiz and Colin Farrell in character.

Now, some more pictures from the set have hit the internet, giving us a look at Chicago as Gotham, as well as Batman and Catwoman riding their motorbikes side by side.

☠️ @TheBatman production along the Wells Street Bridge in Chicago 25, 2020

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Batman and Catwoman riding off into the grit 25, 2020

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Batman and Catwoman riding together is pretty similar to footage filmed in the UK, where the two were also seen biking together. It definitely looks like the antagonistic relationship glimpsed in the trailer won’t last for long, then.

As for the posters, they bear a resemblance to the set dressing seen in the UK too. There’s a mention of ‘Drop Heads’ here – Drops seems to be a new drug circulating Gotham – and the skulls, toxic symbol and ‘septic’ poster all give Gotham a pretty dangerous feel.

Other posters seen on Instagram also reference GothCorp, the corporation Mr. Freeze worked for, Ace Chemicals, where the Joker was born, and something called ‘Delicious Poison’. Scroll through the post below to check out all the pics:

🌃 @thebatman takes Chicago . . . . . #thebatman #batman #chicago #downtown #city #robertpattinson #mattreeves #dccomics #dc #comics #comicbookmovies #movie #movies #filming #thebatmanchicago #gotham #gothamcity #cityofgotham #instagram #instagood #instadaily #cityscape #gritty #noir #crime #vengeance @mattreevesla @dccomics Joshua Mellin (opens in new tab)

A photo posted by @joshuamellin on Oct 25, 2020 at 2:07am PDT

The drug Drops was seen as the topic of a Gotham Health Department campaign during the filming in Liverpool. The drug still remains largely mysterious – though the logo does look a lot like Scarecrow’s work…

Gotham’s Health Department here to save Liverpool from its local lockdown 🩸🦠😷 #tier3 #TheBatmanMovie #batman 14, 2020

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It’s probably a good thing that Batman looks to have Catwoman by his side, because it seems the Dark Knight is going to have his hands full in this movie –  especially considering it’s only his second year as a crime fighter. Whether Drops are from Scarecrow – who’s also hinted at in the ‘Fear City’ posters seen in Liverpool – or someone else, it’s unlikely the substance will be doing anything good for Gotham’s citizens.

Just got back from visiting #TheBatman set 👀🦇 11, 2020

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The Batman will release in 2022, and until then you can get caught up on the DCEU with our guide on how to watch DC movies in order.

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