New Pokemon Sword and Shield features include more trainer customization, Pokemon camp, and a ghostly tea Pokemon

The Nintendo Direct presentation did not go light on the Pokemon Sword and Shield (opens in new tab) information, revealing four new features we can look forward to when the game is released on November 15, 2019. The game is set in the fictional Galar region, which is heavily based off of the United Kingdom. We’ve already met a smokestack industrial revolution Weezing and a very punk Obstagoon, but the Nintendo Direct event delivered even more delights. Here are the four new features:

New look customization

The latest entry in the Pokemon series will still let you change up your outfit, but now the options are expanding from just top and bottoms to outerwear and gloves. You can even change your trainer’s hairstyle (I peeked an ‘undercut’ option there) and throw on a little makeup if you’re in the mood. Who leaves their house without their eyebrows on, ya know?

Pokemon Camp

During your journeys through the Galar region, you can stop and pitch a tent anytime at Pokemon Camp, where you can play with your own Pokemon and get to know them better, which will help them improve in battle. In the wild areas you can visit other player’s camps, and bring along your Pokemon to hang out with up to three other players at once. The presentation made sure to let us know to interact with other players’ Pokemon, as well. How curious.

Curry on rice

Yup, you can cook your own batches of curry on rice. The Pokemon Camp is an ideal place to whip up a batch of the incredibly popular Galar dish. There are over 100 different types of curry, and how your curry turns out relies entirely upon what you put into it – berries, ingredients, and love. Each curry you create will be registered in a special Currydex.

New Pokemon

Last, but most certainly not least, two new Pokemon were announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation. Cramorant is a flying- and water-type Pokemon that bears some resemblance to the food-stealing seagulls the UK is all too familiar with. Cramorant can use Surf or Dive to catch fish in its mouth – if Cramorant attacked while they have a fish in their mouth they can spit it out at their attacker in what can only be the best name for a Pokemon ability yet – Gulp Missile. 

Oh, and then there is Polteagiest, who I would already die for. Polteageist is a ghost-type Pokemon made of tea that has its own unique aroma and flavor. Polteageist likes to hang out amongst tableware in hotels and restaurants, which is why they’re seen in a dang broken teapot. Apparently, you can taste Polteageist’s tea, if that’s something you’re into. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15. 

Until then, why not pick up a gorgeous collector’s edition Pokemon Sword and Shield strategy guide (opens in new tab)?

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