New Green Arrow To Be A Small Screen Jason Bourne

Show to be more realistic than most TV superhero fare, says network boss

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly , Sherman says that the emphasis will be on realism, and that we’ll see an edgier Oliver Queen.

Describing the show as “very provocative and sophisticated and edgy,” Sherman says the pilot’s, “not as comic book-y as Smallville or other [superhero projects] from other networks.”

The tone will apparently be more grounded in reality, but less Dark Knight, and more Jason Bourne. “He does’’t have any superpowers,” says Sherman. “His skill-set is that he’s an archer, but he also haves physical strength and prowess. He’s clever and able to devise ways of taking down a bad guy that are unique and fun to watch.”

Actor Stephen Amell was recently annouced as the lead in the series.

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