Need for Speed: World hits two year anniversary, EA announces bonuses for players

EA has announced that their massively multiplayer online racing gameNeed for Speed: World (opens in new tab)turned two years old today, and to celebrate they have created an infographic! Well, they’re actually doing a lot more than that, but there’s an infographic at the end of the article too.

In addition to the sweet infographic, they’re also gifting all players a free in-game 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Which you’d better enjoy because EA probably has to pay licensing fees just to give that thing away.

They’ll also be giving players an opportunity to score double experience from now until Friday, July 27 which includes all event types. Finally, they’re announcing the release of the Free Camera mode, which allows players to whip the camera around at all angles to take sweet pics of customized rides in motion.

Hopefully someday soon EA will release some statistics on what kind of revenue the game is pulling in. We’re very curious to hear about how this major brand is faring in the F2P space. Especially, given their uniquely niche market (F2P racers.)

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