Mysterious Undertale tweets tease “something new” to be unveiled tomorrow

Update:  The tease from the Undertale account now points to a site called Delta Rune, complete with a downloadable “survey program” (opens in new tab) that seems to be a fully featured game in its own right. You can only play Delta Rune on PC or Mac right now, but give it a try if you have the ability and inclination. As you’d expect with anything related to Undertale, it’s more than it appears at first.

Original story: The official Twitter account (opens in new tab) for Undertale, 2015’s darling indie RPG, is acting up. The account was totally blacked out earlier today, and whoever holds its reins – presumably the game’s creator, Toby Fox – posted a string of cryptic tweets shortly after. Here’s the full message: 

“Welcome. Have you been looking for me? How wonderful. I have been looking for you as well. I have something – something I want to show you. Something I think you will find very, very interesting. But it is not complete yet. No, it is far from complete. Thus I have a small favour to ask of you. Return here in 24 hours. At that time, I will ask you a few questions. Then, using your responses, we will approach its realization. Thank you very much for your time. I will be in contact again soon.” 


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Fox also posted an addendum to this message on his personal Twitter (opens in new tab) account: “For those who completed Undertale it’s really important that you check [the Undertale Twitter] 24 hours from now,” he said. “I want to make something new, and it all begins with your feedback. A windows PC / MacOSX PC is needed.” 

Fox’s tweet is a little more straightforward and helps shed some light on today’s cryptic thread. It sounds like Fox is working on a new game or project which is still “far from complete.” It’s unclear whether it’s a direct sequel to Undertale, and we don’t know if Fox is just spitballing ideas or if he’s already prototyping this mystery game, but it seems he wants to talk to Undertale fans and gauge their interests before he proceeds. Furthermore, it sounds like a survey – or perhaps a demo – related to this mystery game will be distributed via the Undertale Twitter sometime tomorrow, October 31. That’s pretty much all we can speculate on at this point, so buckle up and stay tuned. 

Relatedly, Nintendo announced a new Super Smash Bros. Direct coming this week, and given the timing of these Twitter teasers and Undertale’s success on the Switch, this has some people hoping that Undertale icon Sans will appear in the upcoming Switch Smash game. And while that’s totally possible, I wouldn’t get your hopes up: today’s teaser campaign doesn’t seem at all connected to Smash, so I reckon the timing is just a coincidence. 

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