Marvels Avengers Kate Bishop DLC is officially live


Kate Bishop is now available as a playable character in Marvel’s Avengers.

As part of the latest update for Marvel’s Avengers, players will get Kate Bishop for free, along with a new free playable operation and a Kate Bishop Challenge Card. There’s also some new cosmetics available for purchase, which include a few wild options for Kate Bishop aside from her all-purple ensemble. 

The newest addition to the Avengers roster has repurposed AIM tech that uses quantum energy, allowing her to use short-range teleportation (or blinking) to double jump and air dash. From what I’ve seen, expect her to feel a bit like Black Widow: a nice mix of fast, short-range combat abilities with her sword (you read that right) and bow shots that let you dole out some consistent damage at range. 

If you want more details on Kate Bishop, check out Marvel’s Avengers official breakdown of the new playable hero

Original Story

Kate Bishop is finally making her way to Marvel’s Avengers, and the official PlayStation blog (opens in new tab) is all over it. The post announces the release date for the character, slating her to arrive on December 8, just a few months after the initial announcement of her inclusion in the title.

The blog post also goes in a little more depth into the design aspects and gameplay expectations that will go into Kate’s mission, stating that her moves and skills were specifically crafted to make clear that she learned her skills from Clint, balancing their similarities with the qualities that made Kate her own, distinct superhero. While Clint’s influence is definitely important in both her storyline and gameplay, the team wanted to be sure that she also had plenty of her own flair.

Kate has her own repurposed AIM tech that utilizes quantum energy to give her a unique quickness that allows her to outpace her foes. Players can expect her to double jump and air dash, powered by short-range teleportation that’ll keep her moving. Kate is an archer, of course, which means she’s armed to the teeth with plenty of arrows and bow skills, complete with unlockable upgrades. Her support heroic is Decoy, which will create a hologram replica of Kate that distracts enemies with quantum energy arrows. Kate also, of course, has her own sword that can be used in combat.

Once Kate’s story is done, players can expect Clint’s part of the story to come in early 2021. Kate Bishop will be officially available in Marvel’s Avengers on December 8.

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